The Da Xi Cha Eco-Belt Strategic Plan presents a paradigm for rural revitalisation of settlements located in extreme topographic conditions. A comprehensive strategic framework guides acupuntural tactics implemented incrementally with a mix of top-down and bottom-up approaches.

China's 14th five-year plan published in March 2021 outlines the government's objectives to modernise rural areas, strengthen the domestic economy while maintaining investment into infrastructure for economic growth. This project is aligned to the national aspirations and acknowledges demographic and social trends in its conception, including aging population, reverse migration, digital entrepreneurship and remote working.

The Da Xi Cha Eco-Belt is located in the northeast part of China and adjacent to the Yalu River. The Eco-Belt connects the three major towns and weaves a series of smaller villages into a network. The strategic plan includes improvements to the municipal services of each town along with new developments and infrastructure.

Planning strategies include:

  • Strengthen connectivity between the three towns and other settlements in the area
  • Development of homes to accommodate returning and new migrants
  • Introducing prefabricated homes for residents to lease out to tourists
  • Integration of agricultural technologies to maximise and diversify crop output
  • Establish local and community centers
  • Allocate space and land for entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Create or improve public spaces in town centers
  • Protect and invest in natural assets for eco-tourism
  • Upgrade existing streets and infrastructure



Kuandian, China
Strategic development framework for Da Xi Cha municipal area.
Masterplan, Ongoing