As part of the Qatar Integrated Railway Project, Doha now has its first-ever metro network, in which one of the fastest driverless train systems in the world, reaching speeds of up to 100km/h, transports passengers across the Qatari capital via 37 stations and three lines.

The project involved developing an 'Architectural Branding Manual', in collaboration with the Qatar Rail's Architecture Department. This 2,000+ page document is an extensive set of design guidelines, architectural details and material outlines that enable the efficient design and construction of the metro stations while assuring the spatial quality and identity of the network.

The metro, which started operating in May 2019, serves as the backbone of the public transport system in the Greater Doha Area and aims to encourage the use of public transportation as a valid and clean alternative to private modes of transport.



Doha, Qatar
A complete railway system, consisting of 4 Metro Lines with approximately 100 stations.
UNStudio, Amsterdam